Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Just some more stuff

I've come to think of this blog as my own personal diary.Since it's not been published yet,the world is unaware of it,I still feel like I can speak my mind. I dread the day when I make it public and people start reading all the crap I put down here.

On the other hand,I feel that I want to share our story and journey,whatever the outcome may be,with people.

So here's some good news. We received the 'invitation' from Magdalena Huis to come for the information session. I RSVP'd and so we're set to take the second step on our journey.I am excited and scared at the same time,mostly of the unknown,but I want to do this with my whole heart.

What will they want to know?How deep are they going to delve into our lives?Do we have skeletons that will merge once they start asking questions? Orwill it be quick and painless?We'll have to wait and see.

We spoke to our house doctor about our medicals and he is so happy that we are trying atleast,I have faith in him that he will help us how ever which way he can. I'm also going for my yearly check-up with my Gyno the day before the information session,and we'll have to inform him of our decision also,since he is actualy pushing for us to go for IVF.

On religion. I finaly started yesterday with classes to convert to the Catholic church. I dont know if I should call it Catholic faith,since my Faith is already in the Lord and I am a Christian,so ja.I did learn qiute a lot during the session last night,actualy looking forward to the next one and being in one church with Mark.SOOOO much looking forward to the day when we can walk up to the altar and christen our little babies,raising them under the blood of the Lord,WONDERFUL!!!

Till next time...

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