Tuesday, 22 January 2013


There are two adoption blogs that I love,So met a ompad saam and The blessed barrenness.It's great to read how the families and grandparents accepted these little angels into their lives as their own,no questions asked.

We chatted today about what to do when we bring a little one home someday. What a joyous day that would be. Introducing him/her to every close family member,them falling inlove instantly. We chatted about our car,which will someday be too small,having two kids before Mark turns 40,what it would be like going on holiday with a baby?It seems that Mark is looking forward to the 3-4 year old stage,when they can participate in activities. Also the nursery came up,what to do and what to put in there.So excited and so afraid of the unknown.

It was sad talking about waht our kids would look like (if we could conceive) and I ended the convo with we'll neva know and Mark said,nothing is impossible.So even though there's still hope,we wont be clinging to it,because out there are a few babies who's waiting to enter our lives in any which way they can...YAY!!!

Till next time...

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