Wednesday, 16 January 2013

It's been a while...

A quick catch up. After multiple rounds of Clomid,lots of wheight gained,herbal drops,Mark's sperm analisys and lost hope,we finaly decided to go ahead with adoption.So here we go... Last week I e-mailed Magdalena House,but their SW was on leave until the 14th of Jan. Monday I called and she informed me that they will invite us for an information session according to our basic information,which they wil request later. Yesterday I received the e-mail for our information. As fast as I could,I typed it up and TRIED to send it back. My damn connection was so slow and I got so frustrated with it. Trying over and over again,it finaly went through.I called my mom just to let her know whats happening so fsr,just needed to at least tell someone.Now for the wait. How wonderful!!!My phone alerted me to an e-mail at 8 this morning with an e-mail from the SW saying that we are invited to a session on 15 Feb!!!!With excitement I called Mark to let him know,but his phone just kept on ringing. Finaly got a hold of him and it seems that the news wasnt important enough for him to be botherd at work with.My bubble was burst,I thought the only person who should be excited with me is acting so ashes. After an argument over the phone,him telling me that he handles things differnetly and I should Know it by now,me telling him that he could actas if he cared more,I burst into uncontrolable sobs and couldnt stop myself. Is it so wrong of me to expect him to be excited to? We are the only ones aware of what we are persuing now,we live far away from all our family and friends. I actualy need him to show more emotion in thie situation.Something we have been struggling with for almost 6 years and it finaly seems as though we're geting somewhere and there is no 'visible' emotional investment from his side. Now I want to call my mom,but I have to get a hold of my emotions first. He has to call his parents and tell them of our plans still. He is planning on doing it today,so lets hope. Hoping to get some more information from the SW soon,so we can better prepare ourselves for what lies ahead.

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