Sunday, 20 January 2013


Not feelin very gud today. PMS is a motha!!!

Mark is working till atleast 10 tonight since 6 this morning,so I'm left to my own company.Discovering that I'm extremely nauseated,very crampy,running up and down to the toilet to nr1,bloated with a headache that wont quit.Sleep aint helpin,so what else.

Off the's hard being all alone so far away from family and friends.Nobody has the good sense to come visit once in a while. When we go 'home' we cant get to every1,usualy we are there for a day or day and a half.Most of that time being spent on the road shutteling between every1.Because the Jardines are a huge clan,I neva get to see my fam or friends,only stop at my folks home,where we sleep,and then off to the in-laws.Wehardly get to do anything we want to do and at the end of the day we are so tired,it's just bedtime.When will they realise that when they come to visit us,they only have this one stop to make,no shutteling between family members at all. I so much would like to pay a decent visit to a friend or family,but it'simpossible.

It's a lonely life out here...

Till next time...

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