Friday, 18 January 2013


I havent even filled out 1 form,but I cant help but dream about the day we enter this house with a little human. I dream of what he/she would look like. What they would smell like.Preparing the first feeding,changing the first nappy,first clothes change,first sleepless night,first bout of uncontrolable crying (me and baby both,maybe even neva know!).All the good and all the bad. Doesnt matter to me at all. Since we have no idea of how the adoption process will play out,we cant realy make any plans regarding a baby yet. What if they dont accept our application?What if they do and we dont ever get picked? What if we get picked and the BM wants her baby back.My mind is racing with what if's and firsts. Going on the internet and looking into breastfeeding must be the most stupid thing I 'v done so far.That is the one part of motherhood that evades most adoptive parents.That's the one part I was actualy looking forward to when having my own baby.Seems like I will maybe at least get to fullfill that dream,MAYBE.We'll see. I realy want to post my blog to my facebook page,but I wont,not until after we have gone through the application process. I 'm not one of those people who hide what I do. I f my posts can help the next person to at least open their minds to adoption,then I have done a little good in this world. Pics of our two families,someday a little baby will help in creating just one huge family shot! Till next time...

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