Thursday, 31 January 2013


So we are two weeks away from our orientation with Magdalena Huis.My nerves raak elke dag a bietjie minder!

As the datedraws near I start thinking about many things. How can I loose the wheight in two weeks? Because what will they think of me?FAT AND LAZY,what many people do think.I cant make my house bigger in teo weeks,we cant do all the renovations we plan to do for the year in two weeks,we wont become rich in two weeks.Are those the things they look for? Or are they looking for love,support,stability and security,because that is exactly what we do have.

Then I wonder about our portfolio. We dont have many pictures,many of Mark,none of me or us together. We have lots of holiday pics,but not together or engaging in activities. we dont have many with families kids at all,we have pix of them,but not with us!OH MA head is spinning. we have to jump out and get to clicking!!! Do we do the portfolio in English or Afrikaans? What do we have to do to get it to the top aand for it to be a true reflection of us?

I see tough days ahead.

Till next time...

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