Wednesday, 17 June 2015

The loss we didnt think would happen...again Part 1

The loss we didnt think would happen...again Part 1

So,imagine our surprise when we do a preg test the evening of 19 May 2015...and it's positive!We went on holiday with friends on the 18th of May to our fave little place...Plett.

Now when we go there I love to indulge in red wine and chocolates. Well,banting completely destroyed my love for choccies and I could not find my fave wine anywhere!!!

The Friday before I went for my 5 month check-up,being at the end of my 2ww,it wasnt strange that the doctor told ma that I had some blood in my urine and white blood cells (due to pms yeast infection). Expecting to receive aunt Flo by Monday for the latest, we just went on our way. My breast tenderness dissapeared and suddenly showed up the Sunday night again.Monday,no period,Tuesday nothing!!! This made us decide to buy a test and just see whats going on. Now,u have to know,I didnt have high hopes,since we have been supporting this hcg industry for the past 6 years faithfully and all with negative results.We get back to resort and we debate on whether or not to do it now or in the morning. Next door is a bottle red wine waiting and I decide to rather do it,just to get this out the way. As soon as my urine hit that stick the line,which has evaded us for 6 years, appear and all I can say is 'oh my God,oh my God,oh my God' repeatedly until I managed to pull my pants up ,wash my hands and leave the bathroom.I just handed the test to Mark and we just looked at each other,not knowing what to do next.

We cant allow ourselves to get excited,we are older,wiser,we've suffered a loss in 2009 and we just cant get excited before we see that there is actualy a little bean growing in there,but we do talk about it non stop,when we're alone. Luckily I had an appointment at my ob/gyn for the following Monday,which I immediately the next morning,after doing another test,confirmed.

So the holiday is over,we are anxious,we dont want to get anyone excited just to be dissapointed again.Monday we are at the doctors office,the receptionist,lovely warm lady,is so excited for us and the doctor is running late as usual,we know him like that. Almost 2 hours later he picks up my file,sees the pregnancy form and gets this huge grin on his face asking us,in the waiting room infront of other patients very loudly 'is dit regtig sulke tyd?'. Walking in he tells Mark 'Jy sê jy het a goal gescore?'. We chat a little,go through my file about our previous loss,fills in the form and all I want to do is go into the other room and see whats happening inside!!! He also tells us to forget about the negative things the other doctor told us back then. I know the risks,he knows the risks and he will do his best to see us through...I love my gynae!!!

All 3 of us in the darm examination room,me with may pants off and the doc ready with his equipment to get started. Fisrt thing he tells us that there definately is a pregnancy but then he focusses on the myomas on my womb and this seems to worry him. He measures them and then starts to look for the bean and low and behold...THERE IT IS!!! A little heart beating away,this is also the first time I actualy look at the screen and start breathing again.Although he is concerned about the myomas ,he doesnt let us in on too much,letting us know the risks and that many have had healthy babies and pregnancies with the fibroids.We leave happy, gonna tell the family now.

Excitement all around. 

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