Sunday, 11 May 2014

The Childless Mothersday AGAIN

Waking up this morning,getting ready 4 church,I completely forgot about Mothersday.So here we go off to Church and the moment we sit down a lady walks past and wishes me a Happy Mothersday. She must have seen the shock on my face and with that she asked me if I have children. Now I know she meant good by it ,but she said the thing I hated people telling me. 'if we arent a mother to our own then we are one to others children.' Now someone in my situation would not understand the pain associated with that statement. All've ever wanted was my own children,a housefull in fact. I didnt matter how they would come to us,but they would be mine atleast.

So the service continues and it comes to the point where they ask all mothers to come to the front to be honoured. A blessing is given to them and to those who are expecting and longing.I start chocking up,tears are forming behind my lids and I try to compose myself by opening my eyes. With that I look around and notice that I am the only grown woman still seated among men and Sunday school girls.Now if it wasnt enough that my emotions got the best of me in church,I could feel the emptiness burning inside me.
I could feel the pain and sorrow bubbling up to the servace. I started shaking and I could feel a cry coming on.

I couldnt take it anymore and I didnt want to draw attention to myself so I took my handbag,just whispered to MArk 'I'm going outside' and left.Now know,that I never walk around in church,I dont use the bathroom,dont stretch my legs. I feel its disrespectfull.I felt like I wasnt getting any air,I just needed to get outside to breate. The moment I stepped outside the ugliests gut wrenching noise escaped my throat and that moment I knew  this is it. The walls of the dam  has broken. The mask is falling off my face and with that I have to face the fact that even though I say to people that it' s okay,it will never be.

Trying to find my way to the car,I walk past a firends brother in law and the girl who was pregnant with me at the same time,she went on to have a healthy baby who just turned 4. It felt as is I was  being punished over and over again in a matter of 2 minutes. I got to the car and even then all I could here was this uglyness coming out of my throat. My eyes are red,the tears are rolling down,but it's not crying,it's pure pain.

I never thought I would have this reaction today and for once I dont feel silly about crying about my pain,because today is the day that made me realise,,my pain is valid.

So you who are mother,if it didnt take you years of pain to hold that precious child,think twice before you say something that could hurt a person like me. Your time will come is an empty promise. You are a mom at heart is not as fullfilling as being a mom in life. Many wont understand the pain we go through,myself and my husband,but if your heart is open and pure then you will try to understand that everyday is a painfull reminder of what  isnt,what could be,what may never be and what we pray for relentlessly.

So I guess today was not one of my best days and I doubt if tommorrow will b either.

All in all,I will try to celebrate my Grans-Fransiena & Francis,my mom-Maureen,Aunts,cousins,my mother-in-law-Mary,sisters-in-law,Patsy & Esther!

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