Friday, 18 March 2016

For Joy and who ever may follow...

This is one I've been sitting on for while. Not because I didn't know what to say, but because it's a sensitive issue.

Lord Charles Dec 2013

January 11, 2016 , after a fun filled holiday and only a week (I think) before school started, the eldest grandchild on the Jardine side, was told she had LEUKEMIA.  14 years old, one of few who enjoyed school, lives an active life, participates in almost everything, healthy, healthy with a side of attitude and too much backchat ( I say and she knows I say it) has Leukemia. To many ,they just hear Cancer.

I realy do hate that day. It's a day that when I put down my phone, after the call, I immediately fell to my knees, right where I was sitting and I prayed. All I asked was for God to keep her safe and to not make her suffer. What ever His  will is, we have to abide by, but all I asked, begged and pleaded was for her to not suffer through this and to come out stronger after this has passed. Now I am 100%  sure the whole family did the same at that moment, cause we still believe in prayer. I've never even prayed for myself or my situation like that. You know what? God always comes through.

                              Early on in hospital

She is handeling this like a pro. She never complains. In the morning I'd ask how she was feeling, her answer? Great Aunty Joy.  Yes , she will say if something is not right or if she's tired, but we've never heard her complain.

With Doctor Dad

The road to recovery is still long with another round of chemo waiting after Easter, but she's going to make it. We always say, we've prayed about it so now we don't need to worry. He's got it.  We've always believed during her process that she will be fine. I wish I haf the video of her dancing in Church this past Sunday with her  spiritual dance group. It's a sight to be seen. The group has been dancing with Sunflower fund bandanas since her diagnosis and the school has also showed their support . I think that is too sweet.

Dancing at her grandma's 70th

On holiday Dec '15/Jan '16 

During this process her brother may be the funniest and sweetest thing alive. You can see he misses her being at home and when she is allowed to go home,  he doesn't want to go to school.  We try  to make a point of it to make him feel like it's not just all about Joy now and yet, he is handeling this very, very well.  Hey, he will be playing a big part in his sisters' recovery after all. Anyone say Superman?


So now we are here. The four of them are on a short holiday, thanks to Reach for a Dream .  They were very excited about their first plane ride, as anyone would be. Hoping they enjoy the adventure they had been blessed with.

On their way to airport.

There is a reason why it had to be you, Joy. Any one of us would have acted like little babies, like our world was falling apart. You have showen us that what's happening to our bodies will not define us. Just because our bodies are sick, doesn't mean that we have to act cripple.  You got up, you made almost a new home in hospital ( it's funny , the stories we hear).  You are an inspiration to many of us.  You are prayed for, loved and admired. Appreciate what your parents are doing, what Joel is doing and when all of this is over, you will be better for it. 

On their trip over this weekend.

You are strong and vibrant and I have a feeling you will always be.

Christmas 2015

Oh and I will be making that Calzone for you and we have to go get our nails done again soon.

Till next time...

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