Tuesday, 15 October 2013

I love to touch it!!!!

My heart is racing,I dont know how I'll make it to the end of this month!!!
We have been shopping a little and I thought I'd just load a few pix of what we bought.I'll be vacuum sealing all my stuff soon to keep it in good condition.Untill then ,I take it out and touch it as often as I can. The bins are slowly filling up and I am so happy about that!!!

 These 3 is my most current purchase. We try to buy as unisex as possible.
 Our first bedding set!!! Too CUTE!
 These were free,bought with Edgars rewards points!
 Not a great pic,but took this a few months ago.
I even called my sister to see if she can  find this one in Cape Tpwn for me. Had to have it!

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