Monday, 7 October 2013

1 Step Closer!!!

So my birthday has come and gone. I have officialy fallen of the calender,even though I was trying to hold on very tight!!! It's always very uneventfull,since moving from Cape Town. Just me and Hubby for the day. He makes me breakfast(gets better every year),we lunch and supper out. This year when we turned up at the eatery,it was so full on a Thursday eve,that we ended up at WIMPY!!! The pats 4 years he has been working nightshift on my bday,but he always manages to get the day (night) off,making at least one of my weeks shorter!!!

Now to get to the important stuff!!! Our SW contacted me on Friday. The local Sw assured her that he would be here for our home visit on Oct 2nd. Now she just wants to know if he had indeed showed up. Well,he didnt. I made a call to his office on Friday morning and he didnt get back to me. Saturday evening just after 6,while we are heading out to go have my missed bday dinner,there's a knock at the door. What do you know,It's mr Errol Peterson!!!Very casualy dressed and friendly. That moment there was no time to panick,the house is kind of a mess,with blankets all over the couch. Dining room table still has my birthday stuff all over it,accompanied by my scrapbooking and Santa Shoebox goodies. Imagine my horror. You have this picture that everything will be perfect when they show up,and now THIS!!!Also,he washere on Thursday,while we were out.

He came in,sat down,asked a few questions about us,the neighbours,the area,the house,the adoption and off he went!!! That's it,no walking,checking,nothing. He left with us feeling very positive. He assured us that he will be reporting back today and that according to him,everything looks good. Fingers crossed.We left the house in shock and disbelief,hunger gone,I forgot my wallet at home,just plain deurmekaar after that visit. I guess the adrenalin kicked in,but we were on cloud nine!!!Thank you mr Peterson,I thought you were gonna b full af crap and attitude,because of all the calls during these last 4 months!!!

On 25 Oct,we will be included in the group that goes infront of the board to decide if it's yay or nay...We'll talk again then!!!

Till next time...

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