Sunday, 4 August 2013

Sad day for a dilly...

My parents,sister & goddaughter will be visiting us this coming long weekend. Yay 4 the visit,nay 4 the preparation!!!

Always the same problem. Not enough storage space. Now,to clear things up. I always try and buy xmas gifts and things early in the year when it's on sale. This year it happenes to b 6big boxes. Add to that the 2 bins baby goods and more beddings. I have to make space for these things and quick!!!

Mark has to pack up the whole 'home office' and install (and build) the built in cupboard in that bedroom by Thursday,keep in mind while working 12 hour night shifts!!! More stuff to find space for,the computrr stand,urgh#@.

On a sad note. Last week I bought a huge teddy,yes I dig my own grave with these purchaces and storage,now I wanto try and stuff it into my big baby bin. So taking the bins out,I open the smaller one with the baby clothing in and immediately I get sad. My heart aches while I'm holding the little bodyvest in the air and on my chest,wondering if they will ever be filled with a little soft body. I know I must not keep looking at it,but can you blame me? So the yearning,which had tapered off,has started up again and with it comes being sad,inpatient and just plain being negative about holding our baby in my arms. So,pack it away now and go on with the day,step by step,day by day.

Till next time...

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