Wednesday, 22 May 2013

We're getting there

Om 1 May 2013 we sent off our application sans Form 30. What do u know,a week later it turned up in the mail. I sent that sucker off immediately!!!! Then we waited for any contact from the social worker.Yesterday I was actualy scanning very thoroughly through my e-mails for just a hint of a reply,but nothing.

TODAY I GOT HE REPLY!!!!Our screening is about to start. We have to supply a date for them and just show up with our bond statement.OMG...check how fast my heart is beating!

Suddenly nothing seems right. The house aint right,the room not ready,I'm not ready. Then I calmed down,sat down,switched on the pc and came up to my blog. Why wouldnt I be ready? All my life I waited for everything and getting very few things of what I wanted. This may actualy be one of the few I will actualy get. What will be the deciding bfactor in us not being approved to raise a child?Other people dont get to be judged on having children,they just have them,whether or notthey can care for them or want them.Here we are (one of many) who wants that,who are capable of caring for a child,but we have to be put through torture to be allowed to raise a child.

Now I say,SO WHAT? I'm ready,BRING IT ON!!! I want that baby,I need that baby. We are ready. I want to sit up all night with a crying baby,sick baby or just look at my baby when it's sleeping. I want to join that club called MOTHERHOOD. I want to change nappies,any kind,even the ones with the poo running oup to the neck. I WANT IT!!!INEED IT!!!

I know my husband will be useless at night with a crying baby,but maybe he'll surprise me? Who knows?

Next time I'll probably be on here with my heart in my throat for whatever reason it may be!

Till next time...

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