Sunday, 24 March 2013

Completing the paperwork

So many things...

Mark had to have a form completed at work for the adoption papers. Idiot HR tells him,it cant be completed,it has to be sent to Salt River. A week later Mark goes for the completed form only to hear that he must complete it himself,the idiot will only have to put an official company stamp on it. Kan jy nou meer!!!

We're waiting for the police clearance to return and then it's just the certifying of our documents. Also our medical assessment has to be completed and it seems as if our GP is gonna be the one to throw a spanner in the works. It looks as if he is gonna give us a bad report. I know we are overwheight,I am obese,I hav hypertension,Mark cholestrol,but we manage it very well,so waht's the problem? I've managed to loose some wheight,6kg's so far***happydance***.

I am very eager to get these papers completed and sent off. We plan on going for a blessing at our Parish just before we mail the papers to the agency.

Cant wait to hold a little baby in my arms,my dreams are consumed by a little soft warm body.

Till next time...

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